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About us

In smartpolymer GmbH there are pooled the marketing and production activities of the TITK Group. Research is done at the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research ( TITK). The accredited testing laboratory OMPG focuses on testing services and develops new methods for this purpose.

smartpolymer make TITK's developments available on the market. smartpolymer markets functional and structural polymeric materials and the products and procedures developed from them.

smartpolymer operates at several production sites for selected exclusive individual customers but also for a broader market.

smartpolymer's range of products comprises functional fibers of the Cell Solution® family and a number of specialties, e.g. flocked applicators for the cosmetics industry and medtech applications, cold and heat storage media, through embedding PCM materials. The customized adaptation or development of new additives, compounds and polymers and their production if needed is also offered.

Products and services

Fibers of the Cell Solution® family provide entirely new comfort functions to textiles. Thus, Cell Solution® CLIMA guarantees temperature regulation through cooling and warming effects in sports clothes, shoes, bedding, and many more. Cell Solution® SKIN CARE contributes to active regeneration of the skin through the integrated agent vitamin E. This is used in underwear, terry products, or fitness clothing to name some examples. A lifetime protection against stinging and biting insects - when working in the forest or at the waterside - is guaranteed by the functional fiber Cell Solution® PROTECTION whith the agent Permethrin. Among others, it can be employed in work clothing, protective textiles for livestock, or in carpet flooring.

As a worldwide novelty we are presenting a practical application example for oil and gas industry: an overall with our product smartMELAMINE® for working under arctic conditions. The filling material consists of our inflammable melamine resin non-woven.

Cell Solution<sub>®</sub> CLIMA

Cell Solution® CLIMA

Cell Solution® CLIMA is a natural cellulose fiber with an integrated phase change material (PCM). Cell Solution® CLIMA fibers absorb excessive heat (from the body or environment), accumulate it and release it under certain conditions. This allows, for instance, temperature regulation that gives the user of the textiles an extraordinary wearing comfort and an excellent microclimate.

Cell Solution<sub>®</sub> PROTECTION

Cell Solution® PROTECTION

Cell Solution® PROTECTION is a natural cellulose fiber with embedded permethrin kept as reservoir inside the fibers for the effective protection against insects. The depot structure of the PROTECTION fiber ensures that permethrin is diffused from the interior of the fiber to the surface during every wash cycle. This ensures that a sufficient amount of permethrin is always available at the fiber surface. The special features are showing a high washing stability.



smartMELAMINE® is a heat resistant nonwoven made of melamine produced single-stage using a costeffective thermoplastic method. The material does not burn or melt. It is chemically stable and resilient to UV rays. Furthermore, it has excellent insulation properties – the perfect material for fire protection gear as well as for heat and acoustic insulation. smartMELAMINE® is one of the best priced acoustic and thermal insulating materials for high-temperature applications.


smartpolymer GmbH
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Christoph Löning
Managing Director
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