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About us

STROBEL - Innovation Made Invisible

For over 135 years "STROBEL" manufactures sewing machines. We have been a long-time partner to the men's and ladies fashion industry for excellent and high quality "Tailor-made" - workmanship.

Innovation made invisible

It is within the nature of blind stitching that innovations are often hidden behind details. These details can scarcely be identified in our machines while greatly influencing the resulting seam.

At HIGH-TEX FROM GERMANY we present our machines for the manufacturing of men's and ladies fashion.

With these machines you will achieve the essential difference between good and excellent workmanship.

Products and services


The VEB Series being the entry into the legendary Strobel world has been developed and is manufactured by the Bavarian experts for blind stitch sewing.

Some may consider it hair splitting that we take it so serious with our VEB 100 Series. And they are right as the stitching is so precise it cloud indeed split hairs.

Distinctive features of the entire VEB 100-Series:

A vast arm clearance allows comfortable sewing even for seams in sewing areas with difficult access.

High precision sewing kinematics which do not reach their limits even with elastic and ultrafine fabrics.

Highest productivity with up to 3000 stitches per minute.
Perfectly straight sewing even at high speed.


Our machine range of two thread blind lock stitch machines covers the high quality men's fashion industry as well the automotive and technical textile industry

218D-TP-R Two Thread Felling Machine For Undercollars and Curtains

218D-TP-R Two Thread Felling Machine For Undercollars and Curtains

Two thread felling machine for undercollars.
For felling under-collars in jackets and coats with a highlight: Maximum production flexibility as the jacket may be reversed comfortably through the neck hole at the end of the production process.
The V-shaped blindstitch imitates tailor-made quality (daily output approx. 700 jackets). The invisible spot tack R at seam start and end is equipped as standard and protect the seam.

VEB100-7 Single Thread Blind Stitch Workstation For Beltloops

VEB100-7 Single Thread Blind Stitch Workstation For Beltloops

Decades of experience in the manufacturing of belt loop work stations have led to our new VEB100-7 with better efficiency, silence and ease of maintenance then ever before.
Fabric strips are cut, folded into belt loops, blind stitched and pressed in a fully automatic process.
The trimming station with an entirely new design uses extremely durable stroke knifes thus ensuring adjustment and maintenance

VEB200-2 Single Thread Double Blind Stitch Machine

VEB200-2 Single Thread Double Blind Stitch Machine

The new VEB200-2 double blind stitch machine. Specially designed for particularly finest and demanding fabrics.
The double blind stitch seam is hidden between the fabric layers as a loose cross stitch with alternating needle penetration between the hem’s fabric layers. Its elasticity guarantees a soft finish and offers the possibility to under-press the hem edge after sewing.

News & Innovations

310D-R Two Thread Felling Machine For Hems Of Linings 

Two thread felling machine for hems of linings As beautiful as tailor made manual felling. The soft seam retains the natural shape of even the finest fabrics. The seam is placed between the lining and fabric layers 8 mm under the hem edge, thus absolutely invisible (manufacturing thinner or th...| » Further reading 

3100D-R Two Thread Felling Machine For Half-Lined Jackets 

Two thread felling machine for half-lined jackets. For felling fabric hems on half-lined jackets 6 mm under the hem edge (4 mm in case of thinner fabrics, 8 mm in case of thicker fabrics) with a daily output only hemming 350 up to 450 jackets. Featuring an arm-clearance of 50 cm so the assem...| » Further reading 

441-2 Insoling Machine with Step Motor Controlled Differential Feed For Insoling Shoes. 

Machine description: Pre-Programming single thread over seaming machine for insoling. Machine equipped with step-motor driven front cup for differential  feeding, which ensures the feed cup and front cup work to the milli-meter Machine equipped with a pre-programming system ...| » Further reading 


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